Pilotless Navy Helicopter Busts Cocaine Deal During Trial Run

The US Navy's unmanned "Fire Scout" helicopter was out minding its own business on a trial run, when its home base warship detected a suspicious speedboat on radar. That's when Robocopter kicked into high pursuit - filming the whole way.

The following three-hour pursuit finally ended when the speedboat rendezvoused with a fishing boat, at which time a US Coastguard Law Enforcement Detachment unit from the USS McInerney swarmed. What they found: 60 kilos of cocaine, with another 200 kilos of narcotics presumed jettisoned. Oh, and all sorts of bad guy drug traffickers.

Heckuva way to earn your wings, Fire Scout. Just don't let it go to your head when they make a movie out of it. [The Register]

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