Optus Upgrades Their Broadband Plans

Optus Upgrades Their Broadband Plans

 title=It’s still a far cry from the unlimited plans being offered by AAPT, TPG and Exetel, but Optus has just boosted the data allowances in its home broadband plans, as well as ditching most of their excess usage fees.

Plans start at $40 a month for 30GB worth of data (10GB peak, 20GB off-peak) and scale up to $130 for 200GB (use anytime) plan. Both uploads and downloads are counted as part of your quota (unsurprisingly), and you’ll need to sign up for a 24 month contract.

But the real kicker is that you need to bundle your home phone with every plan on offer for $30 a month.Whatiris pointed out in comments that you don’t necessarily need to bundle your home phone – you can instead bundle your mobile. Which makes that $40 plan look a lot more like a $70 plan, which suddenly doesn’t sound quite as appealing.

On the upside, Optus are also offering Naked plans, starting at $60 for 120GB worth of data (with a $249 connection fee).