"No Replaceable Batteries In WinPho7 Handsets" Was A Joke

Apparently the original post which cited Microsoft's mandate of no replaceable batteries in Windows Phone 7 Series handsets was an April Fools' joke. Ha... ha? Sincere apologies to Microsoft and to all of you for having fallen for it.

Pocket Now reports that in an apparent effort to pretty up the handsets that'll house Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft is disallowing user-replaceable batteries. Apple does this already with the iPhone, with seemingly no negative sales impact, so why not?

It may be an annoyance to the consumer in the long-run, but ultimately not a huge one. Whether Microsoft is overstepping their bounds as a software provider is probably the bigger question. If I were trying to manufacture a Windows Phone 7 Series phone right now, I'd say yes! But since I'm not, and you're probably not either, if the end result is better-looking handsets then hey, I'm at peace with it. [Pocket Now via I4U News]

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