Nintendo Prez Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms 3DS

Apart from one shaky Japan-only press release, Nintendo has been schtum on the 3DS, leading some to think it was all just a practical joke. Not anymore - after everyone's favourite nunchuk-wielding president spoke about their intentions with the 3D console.

Speaking to BusinessWeek, Reggie Fils-Aime said "we have ideas of what we want to bring to the consumer that we can't do with the current DS model", and confirmed that the "Nintendo 3DS for us is our next handheld platform."

Rather than a next model up, like the previous DS versions, Fils-Aime has confirmed our suspicions that it'll be a brand new platform, much like the DS was to the Game Boy line. It's still expected to be shown off in June at E3 - that marks two months by my watch. [BusinessWeek via Kotaku]

Image Credit: Concepts by Air-Nifty

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