Mystery Glasses-Less 3DTV With Integrated Blu-ray Player Appears

A mystery 3DTV has turned up on Amazon, sans picture but with a retail price of $US6000. Who'd have the nerve to charge that much, Sony? Samsung? No - it's StreamTV. Whoever they are.

StreamTV is a new one to us, and while I've got half a mind to scrub it off as an April Fools' joke thrown to us by Amazon, somehow I think that six days later they would've fessed up. Nonetheless, the 3DTV measures 42 inches and has an integrated Blu-ray player (never a good idea). Most intriguing of all perhaps is the fact that the Amazon description claims you don't need to wear glasses to view the 3D content - perhaps they're using the parallax barrier displays from Sharp, rumoured to be in the Nintendo 3DS?

While there's not much more detail than what we've told you available for the StreamTV sets, Amazon's put a release date up of May 7, so someone should stump up the $US6k and take one for the team. Do let us know how that glasses-less 3D technology gets on, won't you? [Amazon via SlashGear]

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