Mobile Phone Cancer Link Question To Receive Definitive Answer… In 2040

Mobile Phone Cancer Link Question To Receive Definitive Answer… In 2040

Age old question: Do these amazing, sometimes magical devices we push our ears countless times per day cause cancer? Great news! I can totally answer that question for you. Just check back with me in 2040.

I say 2040 because that’s about the year when mobile phone usage data from 250,000 volunteers from UK, with others joining from Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark will complete on of the more ambitious mobile phone risk assessments in recent memory.

The multimillion-dollar study hopes to be the definitive word on mobile phones and cancer, but like all long-term studies, it is, well, long term. About 20-30 years long term, which is a long time, yes, but that’s a necessary evil, says Dr Mireille Toledano, a principal investor in the roughly $US10 million study.

“Previous studies have looked at usage for less than 10 years and focused mainly on retrospective use. They’ve had a short observation period from the start and only been able to focus on brain cancers. We’ll be prospectively monitoring mobile phone use and prospectively looking at any health developments,” Dr Toledano said.

Aside from cancer, the study will also analyse whether or not mobile phones are also responsible for Parkinson’s, MS, headaches, tinnitus and depression.

In related news, the current mobile phone safety tally says mobile phones are “safe”. [The Independent]