Make Your iPhone A Lousy iPad

Looks like Elonex saw IWOOT's April Fool's gag and decided that, actually, what the world is crying out for is an iPhone to iPad converter.

Steve from spoke to Elonex's CEO about the iDock XL, which docks an iPhone and grabs video output from it, displaying it on the 10-inch screen. "What is the iPad? It's basically a giant iPhone," CEO Nick Smith reportedly said.

Instead of pausing and fast-forwarding your video on the larger screen, users will still have to use the iPhone to control it - because that iDock XL ain't got no touchscreen. As it docks the iPhone via the connector port, it's limited to displaying just video content, thanks to Apple's limitations.

Available for pre-ordering now, it'll set you back £149/$US230. About half the cost of an actual iPad. [Elonex via Last100]

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