Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick Is Also My Ideal Robot Penis

Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick Is Also My Ideal Robot Penis

Mad Catz is going epic with their premium Cyborg line of peripherals. First that mouse, now, possibly, the most badass flight stick the world has seen (outside of an actual jet fighter’s cockpit).

Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 – $US99 – is designed exclusively for the Xbox 360 (though I’d bet it’ll work on a PC, too). Beyond its aggressive appearance, the stick features more adjustments than most of us will ever use, including handle length, handle rake angle and head angle.

I admit to having no clue wtf the “handle rake” actually is as well as being too lazy to google it. But now that I know such a thing exists, I will settle for absolutely nothing less.

Seriously, I’m digging the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9. It’s like someone woke up at Mad Catz and realised, instead of just building the cheapest piece of shit controller that was humanly possible, they could just start upping the awesome quotient instead.

Mad Catz® Announces Cyborg® F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick for Xbox 360®

First Licensed Wireless Flight Stick Introduces Authentic Flight Control to Console Audience

Mad Catz™ Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz” or “the Company”) (AMEX/TSX: MCZ), a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider today announced the launch of the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick, the first licensed wireless flight stick for the Xbox 360 video game console. The F.L.Y. 9 will be released under the Mad Catz’ Cyborg premium gaming brand.

An evolution of the successful line of Cyborg flight sticks for PC, the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9is compatible with flight simulation and flight combat games. In addition to its cutting-edge design and several enhanced features, the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 is designed to deliver a wide range of adjustability, comfort and air-combat accuracy to the Xbox 360 audience.

Stored and located in the base of the Stick, the integrated adjustment tool allows gamers to customise and tweak several aspects of the Flight Stick anatomy. Gamers can adjust the handle length, handle rake angle and head angle, resulting in a truly personalised gaming experience.

Ideal for flight combat games such as Tom Clancy®: H.A.W.X., or more realistic flight titles such as IL-2 Sturmovik™: Birds of Prey, the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 features Throttle and Twist Rudder controls for complete maneuverability and a unique base design featuring an integrated lap mount and removable feet allowing gamers the flexibility of playing at a desk or in front of the TV.

Utilizing the same secure wireless technology featured in the official wireless Microsoft® Xbox 360 controller, the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 connects directly to the Xbox 360 with no need for an external dongle or adaptor.

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz commented, “The Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 continues the expansion of our new premium gaming line of Cyborg-branded products which we recently re-launched with the Cyborg R.A.T. range of pro-gaming mice. Building on key features, design sensibilities and the ergonomic adjustability made so popular with our Saitek-branded flight simulation products, we are able to deliver a unique and highly-realistic flight stick for console owners. This is a continuation of our strategy of developing products that evoke a passionate consumer response and enhance the game-playing experience.”

The Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick for the Xbox 360 video game console is expected to be available worldwide in Spring 2010 for an expected MSRP of $US99.99 / £79.99 / €89.99.