M55 EVO-001 Is The "Ferrari Of Electric Bikes"

Electric bikes come into their own when you're pushing up a big hill or embarking on a long journey. The M55 Bike EVO-001 is claiming that after three years' development, they've got the "Ferrari of electric bikes". Sounds... fast?

It's not sleek and light-looking like the Gocycle, instead it's got an almost mountain bike appearance about it. Made with an aluminium frame, there are two models - a street version with a 250W motor, centrally mounted, and an off-road version with a much more powerful motor, at 1300W - this model will be able to reach speeds of up to 69km/h, with five motor speeds and 14 gears. Speed is dictated by how fast you pedal, which would seem very natural for first-time electric bike users.

They're not on sale yet, with production finishing up sometime next month, but there'll only be 250 made - so they'll cost a pretty penny, I can assure you. These oft-quoted "Ferrari of X market" always cost far too much. [M55 via Diseno-Art via Born Rich]

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