Louis Vuitton iPad Case Costs Nearly As Much As An iPad

Do you have $US366 left in your iPad fund? Want to buy a case for it covered in the iconic LV logo in order to show that you spent $US366 on an iPad case? Here you go. [GQ via BornRich]


    I'm a bit critical of this supposed iPad case. First off, I am convinced that Louis Vuitton knows absolutely nothing about making an iPad case that will properly protect the device. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if this turned out to be a rather poorly-made iPad case (I'm just speculating, since I haven't seen one in action). But protection aside, I find the idea of having to turn your iPad into a status symbol a bit distasteful. If someone wants to invest in a LV handbag, more power to you. I admit that they are classy handbags for the most part. In my opinion, however, Apple, for all of its ranks of super-dedicated followers (like me), is not a "status" brand. Cult followers we may be, but we're not label junkies. Case in point: most Apple gadget owners are totally comfortable with covering their iPad's Apple logo with an iPad case! To me, the show-off class need iPad cases like this to transform their iPad into a piece of bling; to show off.

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