Listen To Jason Chen On The Adam Carolla Podcast

Listen To Jason Chen On The Adam Carolla Podcast

The Adam Carolla Podcast is my favourite podcast. So for them to ask me to call in to the show to talk about the iPhone? That was freaking incredible.

You can hear the entire podcast here. I’d recommend it – it’s funny. As are all his other podcasts, which are pretty much a must whenever I have to drive somewhere. There’s a reason why he’s occasionally ranked the top podcast in iTunes: He’s actually entertaining.

But enough washing his balls (as phrased by one of the commenters on his site). Here's the part I'm in.

Oh and why the hell are they making Top Gear without Carolla? That's just wrong. [Adam Carolla Podcast and Subscribe on iTunes]

[image url="" size="legacy" align="center"] ALSO, I'm in Reader's Digest this month talking about something I'm sorta familiar with... phones. I'm in there with other people who are knowledgeable about their field, making predictions about what's coming in the future. So go buy one and give to your parents so they can understand what you're talking about when you show them your smartphone. [RD]