LG Mini GD880 Has New HTML5 Phantom Browser

On sale later this month after first tantalising us at MWC in February, LG has confirmed the Mini GD880 will support HTML5 in its "Phantom Browser", the first time it's been wheeled out by the South Koreans.

They reckon it's much faster and has a more stable internet experience, built using the most recent Webkit standards. Up to 10 browser windows can be open at once, and while it's not running Android, a healthy amount of Google's apps are supported in the browser — Latitude, Gmail, Calendar, Maps and Buzz.

Rehashing what we know about the rest of the specs — the HSDPA phone has a 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, aGPS, FM radio and a 3.2-inch display. While it's running LG's S-Class OS (not exactly the best OS we've come across), the specs are little additional features such as Air Sync, which updates all of the phone's data OTA to your PC, and vice versa, make it worth checking out if you're after a "lite" secondary phone I think. On sale later this month, it'll hit Europe first with other countries following soon after. [LG]

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