LEDs Could Save Your Wrinkled, Pimpled Face

Forget botox - if you want better-looking skin, start looking closer to home. At your LED-backlit LCD, for example. The Light Masque, pictured, is the secret to eternal beauty according to specialists, using red LEDs to diminish lines and spots.

Near-Infrared light might not sound like it can diminish lines and spots, but London-based inventor John Tsagaris is claiming it uses "the latest NASA technology" which has already been tested on astronauts and the US Navy. Nice to know the men upstairs and on our seas don't have spots or lines, then.

With blue LEDs medicating spots and rosacea, and red LEDs "supercharging" skin cells and going even deeper, the inventor of the Light Masque reckons his patients see effects after the first 25 minute session, but should have three sessions a week for two weeks just to ensure results stay. At £75 ($125) per session, it may be cheaper to just get botox. Not that you need it - Gizmodo readers are beautiful as is, obviously. [Daily Mail]

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