Latest Dell Leak Features Sparta Netbook, Looking Glass Pro, Streak

Dell, ever the leaky sieve after this week's unexpected Flash/Thunder/Smoke peepshow, has let slip a presentation that outlines a number of upcoming gadgets, including Sparta/Athens netbooks, the Looking Glass Pro and two Streak variants.

The Looking Glass Pro is the most basic update of the three, as its "Pro" moniker appears to mean "HD screen", TV tuner and little else. The Q1 2011 release date is dubious given the dotted line, which hints at haziness and uncertainty. Please ask again later.

Next up is the aforementioned Sparta, a swivelling 11-inch tablet-like device with a 1024x768 screen and an ARM processor. The other netbook is the Athens, which checks in just south of 0.9kg and comes with similar features to the Sparta. Release date is rumoured to be this spring.

Finally the Streak. We've covered it before, of course, but today's Streak leak tells us the device will come in three varieties this winter (one each for US, Europe and China).

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