iPad Stress Test Inadvertently Creates Doughnut Stylus Meme

PC World's "iPad Stress Test" starts out kind of lame (shampoo, my man, discover it!), but by the end I had actually learned a thing or two about what not to do with my pending 3G version purchase. Also, doughnuts.

The Ultimate Lesson: Do not drop your iPad. Ever. It seems obvious, yes, especially to anyone who's dropped an iPhone and seen the glass spiderweb into uselessness, but with the heavier, larger iPad the lesson is especially important. PC World Senior Editor Tim Moynihan (the Ives accent is fake, BTW), managed to damage the screen after three or four drops onto the carpeted office floor. He recommends a protective carrying case. So do I.

But! Good news is that the screen is especially scratch resistant - the highly scientific nail test was powerless against it. The same cannot be said of the metal backing, which had one encounter too many with a set of keys. In other words, if you're going to use the iPad as a rudimentary sled, be sure to use it glass side down.

Lastly, some fun facts: Doughnuts will work as a stylus on the iPad, as will warm/cold liquids when they are poured directly on the screen. Sadly, liquids also destroy your iPad instantaneously, but those two to three seconds of liquid control are totally worth the $US500 or so you literally just washed down the drain. [PC World]

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