iPad On Easter Sunday

Some fanboys may have assumed that yesterday marked the rebirth of their saviour, but many more believers celebrate that notion today. Fortunately, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

When I showed my mother-in-law the iPad, the first thing she asked was if she could perform her Easter bible reading with it. She's a church officer at Messiah Lutheran Church in Vancouver, WA, and she knew the pastors there would appreciate the moment.

We downloaded Bible HD from the app store - a free and incredibly thorough connected bible reader - but there was a catch: Out of 16 English language editions (and quite a few in other idioms), there was no New Revised Standard Version, the translation favoured by the church. I did find NRSV on iBooks, but it cost $US10 - per Testament. So she emailed me her verses in a Word Doc, and once I had installed Pages, the Mail app directed me to open the attachment with that. A few font adjustments and voila, the bible verses were ready.

My mother-in-law may not care a fig for most of what Gizmodo covers, but she does see the iPad as a tool to help her in her work - and in her faith.

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