iPad Apps, By The Numbers: A Whole Lot Of Games

It's still very, very early in the world of iPad-specific apps, with less than 2500 of them in the store compared to 150,000+ iPhone apps. But so far? It's totally dominated by games.

App store analysts Distimo did a rundown of what you'll find in the iPad app store, and a full third of them are games. The next closest category is "entertainment", which clocks in at 11 per cent, followed by "education" at 8.6 per cent.

That seems like a whole lot of game playing and being entertained, but that proportion is even more heavy for iPhone apps, where a full 70 per cent of apps fall into those two categories.

But with devs just getting the actual hardware into their hands a few days ago, we're clearly just seeing the very beginning of the iPad apps craze. And depending on how people decide the want to use this thing, we could see even more games pop up or we could see the store balanced out with more content-based or productivity apps. But really, the smart money is on games, games, games. [Distimo via TechCrunch]

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