Internet Filter Legislation Shelved Until After Next Election

You know what? That proposed mandatory internet filter the Labor government is trying to force upon us has been rather unpopular. It might even cost them some votes. Which is probably why they've decided to delay legislating it until after the next federal election later this year.

Nicola Berkovic at Australian IT says that a spokesperson for Senator Conroy has confirmed that the government won't be introducing the legislation to parliament in either May or June, which means even if it's introduced in August, it's unlikely it will be passed.

According to the spokesperson, the reason for the delay is because they government is still talking to ISPs and considering public submissions. Apparently what they are not doing is backing down. Of course, it's not like they could actually admit to giving up the policy if they decided against it now after trying to ram it down our throats for so long.

[Australian IT]

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