HTC Desire Having Some GPS Issues

HTC Desire Having Some GPS Issues

 title=So when Telstra pulled the HTC Desire out of the oven a bit early last week, it looks like it wan’t quite done cooking. A series of comments on the Whirlpool forums indicated a number of users having some serious problems with the GPS functionality. Fortunately, HTC are on the case.

In a statement sent out on Sunday, HTC and Telstra announced:

After investigating customer reports we have found that the software for this feature is set up incorrectly. The device’s GPS hardware is not affected and will operate once a minor software update is made.

HTC and Telstra are working closely to resolve this issue as a matter of urgency and aim to rectify this issue in the shortest possible timeframe. Currently, we are working to develop, test and introduce a software update and will continue to update customers on our progress on a regular basis until this has been resolved.

We are committed to ensuring excellent quality and user experience for all our customers, and we regret any inconvenience caused to our customers.

So if your Desire doesn’t seem to desire a partnership with the GPS satellites, you should get an update fixing it soon.