HP Slate Promo: Camera And iTunes And Ports, Oh My

HP's rolled out another promotional video for their Slate, again - not surprisingly - highlighting its advantages over the iPad. Like a camera! A built-in USB port and SD slot! And... iTunes. Well, we'll call that last one a wash.

The last HP promo video hit hard on Flash, and this one does an equally nice job of showing off some very basic attributes that people might notice missing from their iPads. It's also notable for what's absent: we know there's Windows 7 lurking in there somewhere, but the HP TouchSmart skin seems to do a good job of hiding it.

There's still no official confirmation, but we're expecting the HP Slate to be available in June for about $US540. That probably won't be too late to mount a serious iPad challenge, and it looks as though it definitely won't be too little. [HP via Engadget]

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