Hong Kong Stores Selling iPads Illegally

When the iPad went on sale in the US on April 3, the whole world was watching. Not Hong Kong. They were preparing their illegal iPad launch.

The Hong Kong shops planned it out: they had groups of students ready to buy, workers waiting to pack and people set to fly back to Hong Kong. Add that all up and they were selling iPads only a few days after Apple.

Plus an iPad in Hong Kong sells for $US971 for 16GB, $US980 for 32B and $US1080 for 64GB. That's nearly double the US price! Heck, the Hong Kong shop's profit margin might be higher than Apple's.

On a side note, the 32GB version is only $US9 more than the 16GB in Hong Kong, it's a $US100 difference here. Oh Apple, even people in Hong Kong know an extra 16GB isn't worth $US100. [micgadget]

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