Hollywood Sign Turned Into Hotel

Hollywood Sign Turned Into Hotel

The Hollywood sign is in danger: The surrounding land is up for sale, and luxury homes may invade it soon. A non-profit trust is trying to stop this, but someone has a another idea: Turn it into a hotel.

If you have never been in Los Angeles, you won’t know that the Hollywood sign is crap. It’s just letters made of painted plywood that look huge and majestic on the silver screen, but miserable and tiny in reality. Like the clusterfuck of glorious vanity and miserable wonders it represents, the Hollywood sign is pure fa├žade that can barely be seen from the distance and it’s never ready for its close-up.

That’s why Danish architect Christian Bay-Jorgensen wants to turn this pathetic mirage into what everyone really wants: A boutique hotel with the same shape, but double the size. A priapic monument for rich tourists who want to live inside the fake dream and suck merchandising and views straight from tinseltown’s tits.

Bay-Jorgensen thinks that his epitome of naff would make the sign better for everyone. I agree with him, but not because his creation would allow people to walk the “sign” and look down to Los Angeles, while everyone else would be able to see it for a greater distance. No. The hotel would make things better because this could be the ultimate whorification of Hollywood, the final acknowledgement that the romance is completely gone in favour of commercialism and focus groups.

Fortunately, the trust funds who own the sign don’t agree. Yet. [Slashfilm]