Henge Dock Lets You Celebrate MacBook As Monolith

Henge Dock Lets You Celebrate MacBook As Monolith

Sure, your MacBook would function fine as a desktop computer replacement just sitting there on your table. But the Henge Dock lets you celebrate that sleek slab of industrial design vertically (and eliminates the hassle of plugging everything in separately.)

Whether you’ve been looking for a convenient way to dock your Apple notebook or just want to parade it in front of your Acer-using roommate in a slightly more extravagant fashion, the $US60 Henge Dock has you covered.

There are models available for several different MacBooks, including all three unibody sizes as well as the black and white plastic models of yore, and the docks can be configured to use any or all of the ports on the notebooks’ left sides. The company is touting it not only as a one-step desktop dock but also as an easy way to incorporate your MacBook into your home theatre setup.

Best of all, if you play “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and eject a CD out the top of your vertical MacBook monolith at just the right moment, it will look exactly like that scene from Space Odyssey 2001. Though I guess that makes you the monkey.

Find out more information or place your order over at HengeDock [HengeDock via Fast Company]