Halo 2 Superfans Refuse To Let The Dream Die

<em>Halo 2</em> Superfans Refuse To Let The Dream Die

Two weeks ago, Microsoft killed Xbox Live support for the original Xbox, making it impossible to play old games like Halo 2 online. But 13 people are still playing by keeping their old consoles on and connected 24/7.

There used to be a lot more people staying online, but crashing consoles and timed-out connections have whittled that number down to the final 13. And chances are good that those folks won’t last all that much longer, although it’s unlikely that Microsoft will kick them off unless this goes on for a ridiculous amount of time. But these old Xboxes weren’t meant to play for months straight.

Stay strong, stubborn weirdo gamers. And when the dream finally dies, you should totally check out Halo 3. I bet you’ll like it. [Bungie.net via io9]