German Fembot AILA Has No Mouth To Feed Bratwurst To

As the glamour shots illustrate, fembot AILA is pretty tasty. Curvy in all the right places, big eyes not seen since Zooey Deschanel, and a modern haircut that shows she's got an awesome music collection. Shame she has no legs.

AILA is the product of DFKI Bremen, which uses SemProM (Semantic Product Memory) to give her the ability to grab hold of objects, recognising them with the two laser range finders, stereo vision and 3D camera. She's also got an RFID reader, which scans the objects in her hand (obviously said object must have an RFID tag to recognise), so she knows the exact distance to separate her hands and from which angle to approach.

While she doesn't have legs like our old buddy Asimo, she rolls about on six wheels and is able to turn in any direction. Think of the possibilities. Roller disco, for a start. [DFKI Bremen via PlasticPals via CrunchGear]

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