French Battlefield Pinhole Camera Shoots Three Rolls Of Film Simultaneously

With the name "Battlefield" you'd hope to see a rugged, war-proof camera which could withstand anything. Instead, this pinhole cam looks like it belongs in an art gallery, displaying an example of retro-futurism or something.

It's the work of French photographer Steven Monteau, who built the Battlefield (so named because it resembles a battleship... if you squint your eyes and turn your head to the right), and is made from cardboard, tape, aluminium foil, plastic tubes, nails and bottle tops. Amazing work, considering it does actually look like an old camera from the '60s, found in a junk shop for a couple of bucks.

It produces the most amazing photos though, as it shoots three rolls of film altogether, using the pinhole technique. I'd say I wish they were up for sale, but considering Monteau's detailed exactly what parts he used to make it, I should stop being lazy and actually make one. Don't hold me to that, though. [DIY Photography via Wired]

Image Credit: -I-I-I-

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