Flash On Mac Just Got More Tolerable

Adobe may have stopped bothering with iPhones, but they certainly didn't hesitate to finally give us a tolerable Flash experience on Macs by incorporating Apple's new video acceleration API in a Flash Player preview release dubbed "Gala".

The preview release "introduces support for H.264 video hardware decoding on Mac OS X 10.6.3". This means that Mac users - assuming they have a supported video card, which is basically a Mac with an Nvidia GeForce 9400M or better - will finally get the smoother, less resource-intensive video playback previously limited to Flash on Windows. But the thing to note is that this is mostly for HD videos, not for all Flash stuff. In fact, Flash dude Tinic Uro notes:

In that context it is important to understand that this API targets HD content, not SD or smaller sized video. In fact SD sized content will not be accelerated in most cases. The decision of what content is accelerated and on which machine it is supported is up to Apple.

Hopefully my computer will still cry a lot less playing YouTube. [Adobe]

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