First Space Lightning Captured On Video

First Space Lightning Captured On Video

This video here is of lighting flashing on Saturn, and it’s the first ever captured of lightning not happening right here on planet Earth.

The evidence of lightning on Saturn has been around for years in the form of radio signals, but this is the first video and audio evidence of the phenomena ever captured. It was taken by the Cassini spacecraft of Saturn's dark side.

The video was shot over 16 minutes and compressed down into the 10 seconds that you see here. The cloud, which is about 1,900 miles along its longest side, is illuminated by the reflection of Saturn's rings. Each flash is about 190 miles (300 kilometers) across with an energy comparable to the most intense lightning here on Earth. In real time, they lasted for about one second.

he crackling soundtrack to the video is synthetic. It approximates the actual sounds received by Cassini's radio recording instrument, which are above the human hearing range.

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