Electronics Brain Trust To Create New Mobile HD Plug

This winter, Nokia, Samsung, Silcon Image, Sony and Toshiba have set aside differences to team up and create the most awesome mobile HD plug known to man. It's like the trailer for a really lame action movie.

The five companies have formed the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) Consortium with the interest of building a 1080P-capable port/plug that's superior to mini HDMI as it will:

• Have less pins (be smaller) • Support HDCP content (which opens the doors to copy protected movies/TV) • Supply power to the device (like USB)

And it all sounds great until you realise, if these companies all teamed up to move the USB 3.0 standard forward, we wouldn't need to discuss yet another new type of plug. Then again, I'm happy to keep any talks of HDCP away from my USB.

Note: Lead image is of an HDMI and mini HDMI plug. [Team MHL via Electronista and Image]

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