Dubious Leak Story Comes With Very Real Motoblur Handset Running Android 2.1

Ignore the story of how this leak came to be this morning and focus instead on the boxy handset. It's allegedly a brand spanking new Motorblur slider phone running Android 2.1. Also, it's a square.

Beyond that, there's not a whole lot to do but comment and pontificate on the phone's looks. It's square, of course, but we knew that because I said something along those lines a mere sentence or so ago. Then there's the obvious physical keyboard.

We also know that Droid Dog was asked to remove the pic above at the request of the leaker, who's no doubt hours away from being sacked for their leakiness. "Looks like the square Moto is definitely real. I've seen more pictures, though I won't post them unless I'm given permission," said Droid Dog editor John Walton. Too late, John!

As for the leak "story" mentioned above, it's apparently this (since deleted by Droid Dog): "Buddy's dad works for Motorola and let his son take the phone to school, who, in turn, lent the phone to [a friend]to be used as a calculator on a math test." Yeah... uh, stick to leaks and leave storytelling to the bards, buddy. [Droid Dog via BGR]

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