DIY Tutorial Crams Accelerometer Into Your SNES Controller

The classic SNES controller, often imitated but never duplicated, is borrowing motion controls from its Wii brethren courtesy this DIY hack over at Hackaday.

The tutorial combines a Teensy USB development board with a 3D accelerometer inside of an SNES controller. The Teensy is programmed to poll the SNES controller buttons and read the accelerometer values. The buttons are set to keystrokes and mouse buttons, and the accelerometer values are processed into mouse movement. Programmed to play Portal, we created a video showing how to use the device.

Pretty straightforward, and the results are apparently pretty responsive, although still not as accurate or fast as the traditional mouse-and-keyboard setup. Still, its a functional, nostalgic DIY addition to your PC gaming. Nothing wrong with that. [Hackaday]

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