Did You Win A BlackBerry Bold 9700?

Did You Win A BlackBerry Bold 9700?

 title=We had over 1300 entries for our BlackBerry Bold competition for the past fortnight. I just read through every single one and picked out the winners. And here they are:

April 12: David G

Life ends slowly now
Where once it barely started
The bold captures all

April 13: JimKarnage

Fingers glide smoothly
Almost as though through the air
Like bold autumn leaves

April 14: Evan

Sharp as the razor
with clarity of crystal
Such stunning bold screen.

April 15: Daniel

Ordered stepping stones
Across my bold zen garden
I step. It clicks. Love.

April 16: Nina

Stories never fade
Geotag a summer day
Bold records your life

April 19: Beau

Roaming internet,
Read gizmodo wirelessly,
My blackberry bold.

April 20: pinchies

My quick snaps and clips,
light music and bold movies,
on MicroSD

April 21: Graham Jupp

With wife, on the road
Heated argument unfolds
Bold browser resolves

April 22: Amit P

Media on Bold
Entranced imagination
Boredom vanishes

April 23: Gill Bates

Email boss: “No Work
Cos Eyjafjallajokull”
Bold excuse takes balls.

(and yes, I had to look up how many syllables “Eyjafjallajokull” was. It’s six. – NB)

Congrats to all the winners. I’ll be in touch.