Devon Tread 1 Watch Keeps Your Wrist Busy All The Time

Devon claims that their $US15,000 Tread 1 watch, a motorised, belt-driven contraption, is "a big, bold sexy declaration of independence from the status quo". The status quo, in this case, being affordable, legible, sensible timepieces. But all those belts.

If your sense of what defines a good watch is how many moving parts it has, and, better still, how many of those moving parts you can see at any given time, then the Devon Timepieces Tread 1 would be right at home on your wrist.

All of the numbers are on independent belts, carefully interwoven, as the company says, to give "the illusion that the parts are floating". Floating there on your honking $US15,000 watch, that is. The belts are driven by four tiny motors, all of which are coordinated by an on board microprocessor. Just for good measure, the window is made of a bulletproof polycarbonate.

You can check out an animation of all the Tread 1, in all of its belt-driven, independence-declaring glory, over on Devon's site. [The Awesomer]

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