Dealzmodo: JB Hi-Fi's Stocktake Clearance Has Some Bargains

If you're looking to bolster your Blu-ray collection, need a new receiver or just want to spend money on a laptop or camera, it might be worth checking out JB Hi-Fi.

They've got their stocktake clearance sale on at the moment, and according to the newsletter, they're offering 20% off all their Blu-ray titles, 10% off cameras, 30% off car audio (but not satnavs), 10% off most TVs, 10% off computers that don't have an Apple logo on them and 20% off receivers and floor speakers.

At the very least, you could use this info to help barter your way down to a lower price at another store if for some reason you don't like JB Hi-Fi.

[JB HiFi]

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