Chopper 2 Uses Your iPhone As A Fancy iPad Controller

<em>Chopper 2</em> Uses Your iPhone As A Fancy iPad Controller

We've already seen some innovative uses of the iPhone in iPad gaming - specifically, as a pricey tile board for Scrabble - but Chopper 2's iPhone-as-controller is the first of its kind. How's it look? Um... awesome.

The iPhone (or iPod Touch) controls the game over Bluetooth, and shouldn't face any approval hurdles. And if you're thinking to yourself "hey, that's great and all, but doesn't it only work if you mount your iPad", never fear! You may also be able to connect your iPad to your HDTV (up to 42 inches) via composite adaptor for a truly big-screen experience.

Chopper 2's not going to be available until this winter, which feels like a long time to wait. But hopefully this demo will inspire other developers, and we'll see wave on wave of games that turn your iPhone into the world's most expensive gaming peripheral. [Distorted Loop via SlashGear]