Channel Nine Showing The State Of Origin In 3D

Channel Nine Showing The State Of Origin In 3D
ImageBack in February, Chris Barrett at the SMH told us that the NRL was looking at trialling 3D broadcasts of big matches this year. Today he’s back, confirming not only that the State of Origin will be filmed in 3D, but that Channel Nine will also be broadcasting the interstate matches in 3D for anyone who’s picked up a new 3D TV set.

Because not many people will have upgraded their TVs to a 3D capable set before the first match on May 26, the NRL are also looking at showing the matches in cinemas, hotels and parks for the general public to come along, put on some glasses and watch some pretend 3D.

Channel 9 is also claiming the broadcast as a world first, as it will narrowly pip the World Cup in June as the first sporting event to be broadcast in 3D on FTA TV.

Although it looks like it may be a Sydney exclusive – the SMH article says that Channel Nine is talking to ACMA and transmission service providers in an effort to broadcast the matches outside Sydney. There’s no word on which channel will show the broadcast, or whether or not it will be in HD 3D.

The bigger question now is how many people will be swayed into buying a 3D TV now?