Cars Quintuple In Data Storage

Cars Quintuple In Data Storage

Toshiba’s got a new automotive HDD out today that’s packing 200GB of storage. Consider that your typical Ford today has just 40GB, and start planning all the music and movies and media that’ll be housed in your next car’s dashboard.

Toshiba’s 4200RPM SATA MK2060GSC HDD has the combination of small form factor, durability and unprecedented storage size that we’ll all be craving for our cars the not too distant future. As much as I hate the word “infotainment”, that’s undeniably the direction that the automotive industry is going: on-board entertainment and navigation are increasingly a necessity more than an option. And it makes sense: the car may be the final frontier in the “places you can reasonably fit multiple displays” game.

Of course, what that does to the number of fender benders remains to be seen. But at least you’ll crash infotained.

Toshiba Introduces Highest-Capacity Automotive-Grade HDD to Support Demand for Advanced In-Vehicle Storage

200GB Small Form Factor HDD Sets a New Industry Standard, Targeting the Increasing Capacity Needs of In-Vehicle and Industrial Applications

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IRVINE, Calif., April 14 /PRNewswire/ — Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD), the pioneer in small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs), today strengthened its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive-grade HDDs by introducing a new HDD with 200 gigabytes(1) (GB) of storage capacity in a single-platter design.

The 4,200 RPM SATA MK2060GSC is the highest-capacity automotive-grade HDD available and provides vehicle systems manufacturers with the high-capacity storage needed to improve telematics, navigation and entertainment systems, particularly as these systems are being designed to communicate with information and content sources outside the car. This high-capacity automotive storage line will enable carmakers and aftermarket vendors to deliver an improved in-vehicle user experience, while enhancing driver safety.

This introduction builds on Toshiba’s existing automotive product line. As of March 2010, Toshiba has shipped 14 million automotive-grade HDDs to the worldwide market, and had 75 percent global market share(2) for shipments in 2009, according to the company’s internal sales data. In addition, IDC has forecast that more classes of automobiles will increasingly offer factory in-dashboard infotainment systems that provide audio, video and a variety of navigation information to passengers beginning in model year 2012(3). Consumer desire for multimedia applications and navigation systems integrated into cars has fuelled demand for high-capacity HDDs, ensuring migration of these applications beyond the premium vehicle market and into the mainstream.

The MK2060GSC targets telematics and infotainment applications, in which proven performance and capacity are critical. This product line represents a significant innovation in commercial automotive-grade HDD technology, as it doubles the maximum storage capacity available. Other technical benefits to systems manufacturers include a 78 percent improvement in internal transfer rates compared to equivalent products on the market, as well as a faster seek time of 12 milliseconds and extremely quiet “silent seek” operation of 23dB. These features make the MK2060GSC ideal for multimedia, navigation and in-vehicle video recording applications, which require a combination of high storage capacities and rapid data recall.

In addition to its high capacity, the MK2060GSC offers exceptional reliability. This HDD can withstand altitude variations of -300 to 12,000 meters during non-operating and -300 to 5,650 meters while operating, as well as operating temperatures of -30 to +85°C. The new HDD also delivers high levels of operating shock resistance and enhanced vibration resistance. Consequently, telematics systems manufacturers deploying this product in high-quality cars can be confident their products will function normally, despite extreme environmental conditions.

“The next generation of automobile infotainment, connectivity and location-awareness applications will require more innovation and undoubtedly higher storage capacity,” said Scott Wright, product manager for Toshiba Storage Device Division. “Our commitment to sustain continued advancement in this product category continues to position Toshiba as the leader for storage components. We are ideally positioned to provide vehicle systems manufacturers with the high-quality, reliable storage technology they need to capitalise on an evolving market opportunity.”

In addition to the MK2060GSC, Toshiba also debuts the MK1060GSC as part of this automotive-grade product series, offering 100GB of storage capacity. All of Toshiba’s automotive-grade HDDs are suitable for use in many industrial applications requiring extended temperature tolerance. Continuing Toshiba’s commitment to reducing environmental impact, these HDDs are fully compliant with RoHS regulation and are halogen-free.

Information and Availability

Toshiba’s MKxxGSC series will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2010 for industrial distribution and OEMs. These HDDs are currently being sampled to selected partners for qualification. For more information on Toshiba’s line of industry-leading small form factor hard drives, visit