Buying Back Your Youth On The Internet

Buying Back Your Youth On The Internet

Heartwarming: An elderly actor used the internet to recreate the Manhattan apartment he lived in as a youngster, item by item. Not so heartwarming: it was a stunt by the Swedish Postal Service to familiarise old people with e-commerce.

My heart doesn't know how to feel about this. Bo Brundin, a Swedish actor who appeared in over 40 films, recently used the internet to recreate the apartment he lived in as a struggling young artist in the 1960s, down to the James Dean head shots and the cane-leg chair.

But wait! This wasn't just Bo's idea, it's the Swedish Postal Service's, who want to deliver a bunch of stuff to old, internet-shopping Swedes, because, you know, it's profitable. The video explains that the Swedish Postal Service helped Bo "with everything from digital presence planning and strategic marketing tips, to logistics and establishment of his website." Ugh! Ugh, ugh, ugh.

The internet, as it often does in matters such as these, came through, and with a deluge of tips it only took Bo two months to find all 42 items needed to create the pad of his youth. You can watch the process on his website, Forever Young.

So Bo got his room, and the Swedish Postal Service showed that, yes, old people can learn to shop on the internet. Everyone's happy. Everyone, that is, except for me, a young boy who on this day lost just a little bit of internet innocence.