Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

 title=LG Mini GD880 Has New HTML5 Phantom Browser
Oh my God, LG’s trying to kill Flash! Panic, interwebs! Panic!

Aerosmith iPhone App Trains You Up To Be A (Hairy) Drummer
I would have thought an Aerosmith app would be like one of those stupid talking mouth apps.

The Thrill Of Flying The SR-71 Blackbird
A thrill most of us will never enjoy. Sigh.

iPad Etiquette: The Official FAQ
It’s officially okay to use it on the shitter.

Mystery Glasses-Less 3DTV With Integrated Blu-ray Player Appears
Warning! Warning! This will be crap – do not buy it.

Apple iPad Review
An awesome review. Although it doesn’t answer the question most people ask: “Should I buy one?”