Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

 title=It doesn’t matter what religion you are, Easter is the year’s best long weekend because it involves getting a Friday and a Monday off work. And it’s tomorrow! Awesome! Anyway, wrap time:

ASUS Preparing One Google Tablet, One Windows
But no OSX one. Awww. (I’m obviously joking)

Ferris Bueller’s Ferrari Up For Auction
“The opening bid is 100 million dollars. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?”

DoubleTwist Gives Android The Desktop App Market Interface It Deserves
Good to see somebody’s not leaving Android behind…

The Mystery Of Project Natal Revealed
Man, I thought it was a product of Hogwarts.

Unconfirmed: How Multitasking Will Work In iPhone OS 4.0
Steve Jobs has created a cloning machine and a miniaturisation machine, and has used both you create an army of mini Steves to run multitasking.