Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend (iPad Free Version)

It's really awesome that the Aussie governments gave us a long weekend for the US launch of the iPad, wasn't it? As you could imagine - there's a lot of iPad coverage through the feed. But this isn't the wrap you want. You want the iPad Wrap. There's only non- iPad stuff here:

EMI Is On The Brink Of Death Will that mean we'll finally get the Beatles back catalogue online?

How Is Everyone Except Apple Below Average* In Smartphone Satisfaction? Bah, statistics can say anything.

Australian PSA Warns That Texting While Driving Gets Gingers Frisky How is it I haven't seen this?

Director Jon Favreau Is Satisfied With Iron Man 2 Awesome.

Brevity Wins: Windows Phone 7 Series Now Just Windows Phone 7 Thank goodness for common sense!

Aussie Teen Crash-Lands Plane, Steps Out, Calmly Stops Traffic Champion!

Restoring Sight With A Bionic Eye Aussie ingenuity FTW again!

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