Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend

No Surprise: 3D Takes A Toll On PS3 Resolution And Framerates
You’d think they would have thought of that.

Fusion Garage’s Sends Email To Their 64 JooJoo Customers In Cc:
64 Devices. Oh, yeah, that’s a success.

Father Invents Device To Help Autistic Son Communicate
What an awesome Dad.

Woz Has A Message For Gray Powell
Hope it’s better than, “Keep your chin up”…

Microsoft Office On Windows Phone 7 Looks Fantastic
Which is good, right?

Another Format Bites The Dust: Sony Discontinues Floppy Disks
They still made floppy disks? Why, Sony?

Police Seize Jason Chen’s Computers
Looks like that iPhone exclusive just got serious…