Brain Analyser Reads How Uncomfortable Wearing It Makes You

This awkward-looking contraption can read your mind - sort of. It's an encephalometer from Hitatchi, and it measures the change in blood flow across your brain. You know what that makes it good for? Neuromarketing, apparently! And an old joke.

The device isn't intended for pharmaceutical usage, according to Nikkei, but rather for research institutes and neuromarketers (who I guess want to sell things to your medulla oblongata?). It costs over $US100,000, but it can run for over two hours and give a pretty clear picture of the intensity of its wearer's thought. It's almost worth it for the repurposing of one of my favourite recess gags:

Q: What's this?

A: A brain analyzer.

Q: What's it doing?

A: Starving.

BINGBONG. The device will be available starting this July. It's perfect for the mad-but-not-in-an-evil-way scientist in your life. [Nikkei via Dvice]

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