Blu-ray Is Starting To Get A Few More Titles

Blu-ray Is Starting To Get A Few More Titles
 src=At the Avatar Blu-ray launch on Monday night, the guys from Fox announced that they’ll be releasing a few classic films from their vault onto the format over the coming months, including Minority Report, Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Sound of Music. And it got me thinking – just how is the Blu-ray back-catalogue travelling along now? How many movies have made their way to the new format in Australia?

Turns out, there’s a fair few. Having a quick look at some online movie retail stores, there’s a little bit of variation between exactly how many Blu-ray discs have been released in Australia. But as you can see, the number clearly sits above the 1,200 mark:

EzyDVD: 1,334 JB HiFi: 1,280 Bluray Entertainment: 1,253 DVDown Under: 1,251

I should add that Sanity has 1,026 results in Blu-ray, while CDwow had over 3,500 – although they sell titles from other regions as well.

And of course, those numbers tell us nothing about the quality of movies that are being released on Blu-ray, nor if there are any doubling up. But still, over a thousand movies is a pretty good platform for a format only a few years old. Hopefully we’ll see even bigger numbers of titles released over the course of 2010.