Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Slurps HDMI Over USB 3.0

Want to capture the HDMI signal from set-top boxes or your camcorder straight to you computer? If it's equipped with USB 3.0, the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle is an inexpensive breakout box for doing just that.

Priced at $US200, the box accepts and captures HDMI signals as 10-bit, uncompressed signals. That's interesting for home entertainment purposes (from what we can tell, the device has at least some workaround measures for HDMI's copy protection), but if you have a camcorder with HDMI-out, it means you could likely record the image straight to your computer — without being compressed into a pocket-friendly format.

The Shuttle is also equipped with HDMI-out, so you edit to external monitors. Plus it upscales any standard def content that comes its way. If you don't have USB 3.0 but you do have PCI Express, there's another version of the device that works pretty much the same way. [Blackmagic via EverythingUSB via GizmoWatch via UberGizmo]

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