Black Holes May All Contain Other Universes

Black Holes May All Contain Other Universes

It’s mind blowin’ time! According to a new theory, every black hole contains a smaller alternate universe. And our universe might just exist inside a black hole in a much larger universe. Ah-whaaaaaa?

According to Indiana University physicist Nikodem Poplawski, the matter that black holes absorb don’t condense into singularities. Instead, they pop out the other side and become the building blocks for whole other universes in another reality.

This would explain what happened before our Big Bang: it popped out of a black hole from another, much larger universe. Everything came out of a “white hole”, if you will.

Gamma ray bursts occur at the fringes of the known universe. They appear to be associated with supernovae, or star explosions, in faraway galaxies, but their exact sources are a mystery. (Related: “Gamma-Ray Burst Caused Mass Extinction?”)

Poplawski proposes that the bursts may be discharges of matter from alternate universes. The matter, he says, might be escaping into our universe through supermassive black holes-wormholes-at the hearts of those galaxies, though it’s not clear how that would be possible.

“It’s kind of a crazy idea, but who knows?” he said.

Yeah, kind of! [National Geographic via The Daily What]