Beautiful Gadget Brainstorms

When we see gadget concepts, they are in some sense finished products, whether they're prototypes, mock-ups or shiny computer renders. But what comes before that? As seen in these beautiful sketches for Core 77's Invitational Design Competition: fantastic, unbridled brainstorming.

The design ubersite Core 77 invited five designers to dream up features for a new device from Finish smartphone company AAVA Mobile. As their sketches show, each brought their own unique style to the competition. Some focused on the hardware themselves, others on how it would be used in the real world.

AAVA ultimately settled on incorporating a pico-projector concept into their upcoming device. Cool, sure, but I think the bigger excitement is looking at what could've been. Check out Core 77's results post for more information on the contest and the designers who participated.

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