Back To The Future II Concept Drawings: Extreme Hoverboard Envy

<em>Back To The Future II</em> Concept Drawings: Extreme Hoverboard Envy

Every time I get sad I don’t have a hoverboard, I remind myself that Back to the Future II takes place in 2015. There’s still time! And as these exquisite original concept drawings show, there’s so much more to crave.

I always enjoy a good vision of the future, but something about these stand out as being especially great – and attainable. Probably because they were designed by people who had every intention of building them, albeit as props.

Not all of these designs, collected by Pocket Lint, made it into the film. If only they had! In any event, how wonderful both to remember how 2015 looked to 1989, and how badly I still want a skateboard that flies. [Pocket Lint]