Apple's 'iPad Ready' Website List Isn't Quite Ready

Right before the iPad came out, Apple added an "iPad Ready" section to its site, bragging about all the major sites that would run seamlessly without flash on the device. The problem? Some of those sites are anything but.

Sure, the front pages of all those sites work just fine. But try going in-depth on and what do you find? A message that says "click here to learn how to get video highlights on the iPad" in every video window. And it links to the $US15 MLB iPad app. That's not quite iPad ready, I don't think.

Other sites, such as NY Times, only has its most recent video content converted to HTML5. Do any digging, and you're bound to come up on unplayable videos. It's the same with most of these site: some of the content works, sure. And the front page looks great. But the conversion is oftentimes skin deep.

Of course, how often you run into these issues depends on your web surfing habits, but it's clear that we're still going to be dealing with the iPad's lack of Flash for some time. [Silicon Alley Insider]

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