Apple Store Goes CODE RED After MacBook Pro Request

Apple Store Goes CODE RED After MacBook Pro Request

Well, what to make of this? A man walks into an Apple Store in Santa Monica, asks for a 2.66GHz MacBook Pro, and suddenly security gets thrown into HIGH ALERT. Beware the “forerunner”, my friends.

The full video, where in Owen JJ Stone recounts his odd encounter, can be found here. Apparently when he walked up to two employees requesting that specific laptop, she said the word “forerunner”, and things got a little tense:

When she said, “forerunner,” the gentleman touched his ear, and uh, then the security guard came up to the middle of the register, two people went and stood by the door, people were standing around me, and I’m like “Dude, do think I’m gonna steal this Macbook?”

And he’s like, “Oh, no, no, no.”

Strange days.

According to Consumerist commenters with more retail experience than I have, the fact that Stone said he was “in a hurry” probably raised red flags. Or maybe they wanted to save him from buying a new MacBook Pro so close to a Core i5/i7 refresh?

In any event, I think the important thing is that we all know now to say “forerunner” as many times as possible on our next trip to the Apple Store. [OhDocta via Consumerist]